Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Downspout Splash Guard Turtle Gifts

Turtle Splash Block
Turtle Splash Block
is functional outdoor decor as a downspout diverter! Place the block under a rain gutter downspout to direct water away from your house. Decorative design of three turtles which have gathered on a rock bed, which is their natural habitat. They are sculpted from a stone-resin composite with a very detailed look.

15" Long x 12" Wide x 3 1/2" High.

Click Here for more information on this product or to place an order. The price for each is lower when buying two or more at the same time.

Turtle Habitat Wildlife Facts: Habitat for turtles can be different from one turtle species to another and also varies between those that are land, water or sea turtles. Some online sources for information on this are Turtle Habitat and Creating The Ideal Turtle Habitat For Your Pet.

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